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Children's Welfare & Parental Agreements

At Bridge Burke Solicitors we are highly experienced in dealing with a range of issues regarding children. We understand it can be worrying what impact the break down of a relationship can have on children and how distressing it can be when disputes over contact and residence of children arise.

Bridge Burke Solicitors can advise you of the legal processes and what these mean as well as help find a practical solution for your particular circumstances. We can help you with securing maintenance payments for children as well as contact and living arrangements. We can also provide expert advice on parental agreements which make sure everyone is clear what their responsibilities are towards children.

A child’s health and happiness is of paramount importance and we can advise you on a whole range of protective measures including Prohibited Steps Orders and Occupation Orders to give you peace and security at a difficult time. We understand that it is particularly important to find an effective and efficient solution in matters concerning children and we can help you achieve this.

Children’s law is ever changing and it is important to take legal advice from an expert at the earliest opportunity. As in all matters we offer a 30 minute free consultation for new clients so you are able to take advice from a trusted professional.

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What Bridge Burke Solici tors can do for you:

  1. Secure your children’s wellbeing
  2. Make the children the first priority
  3. Ensure that the children are well cared for financially, emotionally and mentally
  4. Ensure both parties are clear as to their commitments to the children of the family in terms of both financial and emotional support.
  5. Prepare the children for a new life
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