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Unfortunately in some cases of divorce and separation intense emotion can be manifested as violence, threatening behaviour and abuse. At Bridge Burke Solicitors our quality professional advice can help you protect yourself and your loved ones with injunctions and court orders.


Injunctions can also be used secure assets and property very quickly. Our experience and specialist knowledge means we can put the necessary measures in place to protect your financial interests. For example, to stop a property being sold without agreement or to prevent assets being transferred to a third party to put them out of reach of divorce proceedings.


We can also help if there are problems with maintenance payments the court can intervene and ensure payments are made from earnings or other assets. We understand circumstances vary greatly and as such we provide a tailor made solution to your problem.


As always obtaining expert legal advice at an early stage can stop problems escalating and we offer a free 30 minute consultation to all new clients. Please complete the Contact Form or call us on 020 8972 8018 for further details and availability.

What Bridge Burke Solicitors can do for you:


  1. Give you safety and protection
  2. Make you financially secure
  3. Enable you to live your life in liberty and in the pursuit of happiness
  4. Remove a problem
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