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Co-Habiting Legal Differences

Marriage is not for everyone but the alternative, co-habitation, is legally a very different matter and people often think that after you have lived together for a period of time, you acquire ‘common law’ rights just as if you had been married.This is not the case.

When it comes to protecting your rights we have the expertise to advise you:

·Before you set up home together

·Later in your relationship when you are thinking of acquiring assets together such as a house or you have children

·If your relationship has broken down

Whether you have children or not, if you and/or your partner own property our family team can help you understand your legal rights and the sooner you find out the facts the better.

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What Bridge Burke Solicitors can do for you:

  1. Ensure fairness and reasonableness
  2. Give you the information to resolve the situation yourself
  3. Extract you from a difficult situation and allow you to get on with your life
  4. Provide a cost effective solution

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