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Divorce & Civil Partnership Dissolution 

Divorce and separation following the breakdown of a relationship can be extremely distressing for those involved. Our clear professional advice can help you at this difficult time and whatever your circumstances we offer a tailored approach.


We can help you through the divorce process and advise you on the practical consequences of separation and divorce. Our extensive experience means we can advise you on any related issues such as arrangements for any children or the division of shared finances, property and assets. (Please see our Financial page for further information.)


At Bridge Burke Solicitors we always ask our clients about the possibility of reconciliation and are happy to discuss the various options available to you. It may be that in your circumstances an alternative to divorce is more suitable such as a Separation Agreement or Judicial Separation.


The costs of divorce can vary considerably and include can include court fees and other disbursements depending on your case. Similarly the time it takes to complete a divorce can be from as little as 6 months but it can be far longer if there is not agreement between those involved.


We offer a 30 minute free consultation to all new clients. Please contact us on 020 8972 8018 or completed the Contact Form for further information and availability.

What Bridge Burke Solicitors can do for you:


  1. Retrieve back for you your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
  2. Extract you from a failed relationship
  3. Give you the freedom to start living
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