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Money Matters

Everyone’s personal circumstances are different and the family team at Bridge Burke solicitors can suggest practical solutions that fit your needs.

We can help you if you are:

·         Planning marriage in the future and want the peace of mind that a pre-nuptial agreement gives you (see our separate section on this area of law)

·         Married or just living together and want to agree a formal separation

·         Wanting a financial settlement at the same time as divorce proceedings

·         Needing to vary a financial order or agreement that is no longer working for you

As specialists in family law we have a wealth of experience and in many cases we have advised and assisted our clients to an agreement without the additional stress and expense of involving the Courts.

You may have heard the financial matters associated with your divorce or judicial separation as Ancillary Relief proceedings.  We can help you to understand the jargon, the likely costs and how a Court might decide a fair division of the family’s property, assets and liabilities in your particular circumstances. 

All financial agreements should be drafted into a legal document so the relevant parties understand their financial responsibilities and action can be taken if that agreement is broken.

We understand that the financial consequences of any relationship breakdown are of great concern to all our clients and we always provide our clients with expert practical advice, whether the family assets are modest or complex.

Whether you have children or not, it is crucial that you receive expert advice as soon as possible.

Contact us straight away to take advantage of a 30 minute consultation, free of charge, available to all new clients.



What Bridge Burke Solicitors can do for you:


  1. In certain circumstances obtain living expenses and maintenance from you spouse/partner either voluntarily or involuntarily.
  2. Ensure that the family does not have to go without
  3. Obtain a fair share of the matrimonial assets
  4. Ensure no one party is cheated and that you have financial security for the future
  5. Provide the means for an amicable settlement to be obtained
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